Key Action 1

Project period 2019/ 2020

In January 2019, we applied for Erasmus+ funding for the first time and were also selected for EU funding.
In the medium-term, we are also aiming for accreditation as a European school (= certified school with a profile of European education, which prepares students comprehensively for living and working in a united Europe). Our first application was named 'On the way to school with a European profile'.
In order to establish a network with European partners, some colleagues had the opportunity  to train in other European countries on topics and questions regarding the project title and to establish contacts with potential partners for the first time.


Key objectives

  1. Dealing with heterogeneity and diversity (based on the strategic objectives of Europe 2020)
  2. Promoting social experiences and developing social engagement
  3. Teaching multilingualism
  4. Expanding your own intercultural competence



  1. Malta (including insights into Maltese history, economy, geography and culture, as well as excursion didactics)
  2. Greece (e.g. stress management/management in schools in combination with a language course)
  3. Great Britain (language course)


After the successful first project period and some structured training courses in other European countries, as well as the consistently positive feedback from the colleagues who have travelled, we will also submit further applications for follow-up project periods in order to continue the Erasmus+ program on the one hand and to enable interested parties to receive further training courses on the other.