Key Action 2

As a project coordinating school, we will lead a strategic school partnership in the next two years (10/2020 - 09/2022), which among other things deals with the expansion of democratic structures at schools in a European comparison as well as the rights, freedoms and responsibilities as principles of the individual will deal with everyday school life. For this project idea, we received the Strategic School Partnership award of the Education Exchange Service (PAD) of the Conference of Ministers of Education (see photo).

Over the next few years, learners and teachers from the six participating schools from Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Germany will exchange ideas and work on the following topics and tasks, among others:

  1. Rights and responsibilities of the individual in everyday school life
  2. Teaching skills in a democratic school
  3. Examples of constitutional regulations and the creation of a school constitution
  4. Feasibility of democratic management in schools
  5. Caricatures and Democracy