“Career Orientation in schools”

Project summary

The background to the idea of carrying out a project on the topic of "career orientation" was the high unemployment of young people, especially in southern Europe, but also in northern Germany.
There are many young people who have no ideas for the future and no career prospects. Our goal at school is to better prepare them for the future labor market and to teach them key skills so that they are better prepared and have more chances of finding a job. Right now in the global crisis due to the Corona pandemic, there will be more people out of work, but it can also be an opportunity to find a job in a system-relevant career field if you have the right skills, are prepared and know where to look for a job.
But that's not the only reason for this idea. There are more and more students who don't want to finish school and end up leaving without a diploma. To prevent this, students need to have a perspective on their future, they need to know different fields of work and find out their own skills to be motivated for school. Only when they know where to study, it will be much easier for them. Without a goal in life, it is much more difficult for many students.

During the visits, participating students and teachers will learn about the local situation regarding jobs. They will visit different companies and learn about job prospects in the region. They will work on different topics.
The goal is to create a website with useful information for current students and for those who want to find a career later on. The website will include information on useful English vocabulary for job interviews, the padlet with addresses of interesting companies in the hometowns/regions of all participating schools, a format template for an English resume and for a cover letter, information on the application process in the universities of the hometown and the universities of the other participating cities, information on courses/alternatives in the vocational schools of the hometowns.