Izmir 2022

Content overview

Day 1 (03.10.2022)

There will be a meeting where each partner country will present its own university access and education system. It will be the hometown university or the or the nearest university where most students are likely to study after graduation. Each partner country will also provide information about its national and international universities and the application and admission procedures of those universities. - Learning outcome: increase knowledge of admissions procedures.

Day 2 (04.10.2022)

Visit to the Career Planning Office of Ege University in Izmir to get first-hand information about application procedures. Following the information on applying to international universities, a workshop on writing a letter of intent, which is a prerequisite for applying, will be organized. - Learning outcome: getting to know a foreign university, possible study opportunities for foreign students in Turkey.

Day 3 (05.10.2022)

A career action plan workshop is held. Participants are given an interactive test called the Character Strengths Survey to identify their strengths. Using the data obtained through the test, students create a mind map for their own career plans. - Learning Outcome: Identify and map personal strengths and weaknesses.

Day 4 (06.10.2022)

Each partner will make a short film describing the professional career of an exemplary person with an outstanding academic career in their country. - Learning Outcome: Enhance skills to work in a group and to design and create short videos.

Day 5 (07.10.2022)

Work on the short films - presentation in front of the whole team. - Learning achievement: enhancing skills for working in a group and designing and creating short videos, also practicing presentations.