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Hello and welcome!

The time has come! - Since 01 March 2021 we are accredited with Erasmus+. This means that we can benefit from a very far-reaching funding program of the EU, which offers us completely new opportunities and ways of learning and teaching.

Erasmus+ aims to enrich lives and create openness to other(s) and is therefore a great fit for us: we too are characterized by openness, a diverse, engaged school community and a desire to promote values and strengths.

The slogan of the Erasmus+ program is "Enriching lives, opening minds" and we think that fits really well with our school: We feel diversity is an enrichment - we would like to expand this even further with Erasmus+.

European Remembrance Culture and Anti-Semitism

20.04.2023. Today we were guests at the Europapunkt Bremen at the third event of the event series "European Remembrance Culture and Anti-Semitism - What we can learn from the past for the future! # Future". Four students accompanied by Mr. Schmitt and three students from the CvO-Oberschule accompanied by Ms. Hartendorf exchanged ideas about the future on site with experts from various fields and developed strategies for action against anti-Semitism together with students of Bremen schools, which will now be carried into the schools.

LOOP-Friends visit

10.03.2023. Since 2010, teachers and scientists from Portugal, Italy, Greece and Germany work with great commitment on the Erasmus+ -founded project LOOP – Scaffolding in Teachers Development: Mentoring and Mentors in Induction Programs (2020-1-PT01-KA201-078764) to analyse and strengthen the role of mentors in educational programs and advanced training programs. The common goal of the seven project partners is to improve the qualification of teachers all over Europe to tackle the great challenges of our time: Too many school dropouts, a lack of resources for inclusion as well as socio-economic and educational inequalities. For this purpose, the project partners develop digital educational- and advanced training offerings as well as a digital collaboration platform which empowers teachers to network Europe-wide and share experiences and expertise. Furthermore, international advanced trainings events, project meetings and a big international final conference provide opportunities to share experiences, discuss innovative learning- and teaching approaches and to define the role of Good Mentors. In this context, the Schulzentrum Carl von Ossietzky – Gymnasiale Oberstufe welcomed 16 guests who – via workshops, job shadowing and presentations – came to the conclusion that the federal state of Bremen provides exemplary and outstanding support- and qualification programs for teachers that significantly contribute to an appreciative and progressive school atmosphere. In many discussions, it becomes clear, that digital offerings and the Europe-wide exchange with colleagues are a surplus profit for teachers from Germany, too: Inspiration, motivation and the conduct of mentors as role models for life-long learning and as teamplayers are promoted. Learn more about the LOOP-project here (newsletter) and about the big final conference in Braga in July 2023 – digital participation is possible.

A visit to Schlierbach

05.03.2023. Jil-Marie Uekermann, Nils Wandrey, Ingo Beck and four students participated in choir and orchestra rehearsals for a week in Austria with the high school in Schlierbach! The return visit will follow in June!
Rehearsals were held at Zeillern Castle! Furthermore, the Adalbert Stifter Gymnasium in Linz was visited, which have a musical focus that also includes a cooperation with the Anton Bruckner Conservatory in Linz.


LOOP platform for mentors

As part of the EU-funded LOOP project (project number: 2020-1-PT01-KA201-078764), a highly topical article on the topic of "Digital offerings in teacher traineeships and in mentor:in-service training" (see button after this article text) has been produced, in which the author Dr. Angela Hoffmann summarizes and discusses research findings on the value of digital offerings in teacher traineeships and in-service training for teachers against the backdrop of the increasing shortage of teachers.

It becomes clear that motivated teachers show a high level of interest in becoming involved in digital mentoring programs. However, many colleagues express concerns that their English language skills are not sufficient for valuable collaboration with teachers from other European countries.

In addition, we offer presentations or discussions that make the digital offerings developed in the project accessible to trainees and teachers (e.g., https://matchthementor.com) and provide space for joint reflection and evaluation. Please contact us if you are interested by mail to loop@cvo-gyo.de!

Overview of training content

Year 2023

  • "Digital classroom: Teach and learn digitally" - France
  • "CLIL in Practice: Focus on Ireland" - Ireland

Number of personnel mobilities: 5
(Status: 06.02.2023)


Year 2022

  • "Class Room Management for Teachers: New Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies" - Spain
  • "Mindfulness" - Spain
  • "Leadership and Initiative – The Cornes Stones of Entrepreneurship in the Classroom" - Greece
  • "Digital media in cross-cultural projects: Management and Networking" - Portugal
  • "Fluency and English Language Development for Educational Staff" - Malta
  • "Introduction to film production with smartphone and tablet as a teaching tool or for creation of teaching materials" - Portugal

Number of personnel mobilities: 16


Year 2021

  • "Stress Management and Burnout Prevention" - Croatia
  • "Stress Management and Recognition: Key Strategies for Teachers" - Spain
  • "Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles to Learners" - Spain

Number of personnel mobilities: 8


Years 2019/ 2020

  • "Our prehistoric past – What do we learn from the past?" - Malta
  • "Stress Management in schools" – Greece
  • "Intensive English Language" – Great Britain
  • "How to maximise learning on field trips" – Malta
  • "Educational Management & School Leadership" - Greece

Number of personnel mobilities: 11


LOOP partners on visit

04.02.2023. Our LOOP project is moving forward. At the beginning of March, our partners will visit us in Bremerhaven to, among other things, complete the pilot phase of the project on site and to advance the planning for the final conference in Braga/ Portugal in July.