LOOP platform for mentors

As part of the EU-funded LOOP project (project number: 2020-1-PT01-KA201-078764), a highly topical article on the topic of "Digital offerings in teacher traineeships and in mentor:in-service training" (see button after this article text) has been produced, in which the author Dr. Angela Hoffmann summarizes and discusses research findings on the value of digital offerings in teacher traineeships and in-service training for teachers against the backdrop of the increasing shortage of teachers.

It becomes clear that motivated teachers show a high level of interest in becoming involved in digital mentoring programs. However, many colleagues express concerns that their English language skills are not sufficient for valuable collaboration with teachers from other European countries.

In addition, we offer presentations or discussions that make the digital offerings developed in the project accessible to trainees and teachers (e.g., https://matchthementor.com) and provide space for joint reflection and evaluation. Please contact us if you are interested by mail to loop@cvo-gyo.de!