SoR Action Day 2023

08.09.2023. As part of today's "School without Racism" day of action on the topic of "Respect", 23 pupils from our E-Phase, led by Mr Schmitt, took part in the workshop "My Europe. Yesterday's idea or tomorrow's vision?" and worked out how the Erasmus+ programme can help them to achieve their personal and school goals. Topics included the question of European identity, goals and possibilities of the Erasmus+ programme, the planning of an Erasmus+ trip on the topic of "Respect" by the students present in small groups - but also the question of the personal significance of Europe.


Dear People! Europe is facing many challenges and changes today. Our continent is struggling with problems, from political problems to economic difficulties. Nevertheless, we must not forget that Europe is a place of great importance for us. We owe Europe peace and cooperation after the conflicts of the 19th century. However, Europe is also a place that offers room for improvement. We should not only see Europe as a place, but actively work for positive changes and work together for improvements. For me personally, Europe means a mix of peace and opportunities. Possibilities with our diverse history and culture and peace in terms of the possibilities the future holds. In this speech I would like to encourage everyone to look at Europe with a positive view. Let us preserve our values and at the same time take advantage of the opportunities that Europe offers us. Together we can work towards a better future for Europe. Thank you very much.

Author: Anonymous.

For us, Europe means diversity, culture, history and cooperation. It is a continent that encompasses many different countries and languages. Europe is also known for its impressive architecture, rich art scene and culinary delights. Many people associate Europe with famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Europe also stands for political and economic cooperation, like the European Union. Overall, Europe is a place of diversity and opportunity, attracting people from all over the world.

Author: Anonymous.

My Europe. Europe, just a word? Or rather much more than that. Just a continent like any other? Or rather something more significant. If it is not just a word, not just a continent like any other, then I wonder how many Europeans once gave serious thought to the subject. Does the meaning of this word carry over to each individual? "Europe, synonymous with peace and cohesion!" is what many say, but my perception makes my mind evaluate something else. Does cohesion mean the domestic conflict over the admission of migrants? War and exploitation? Racism or even simple violence? Definitely not! Cohesion means something else to me. "Nothing whole, nothing half!" is, in my opinion, a more appropriate synonym for Europe. Union of countries - yes. One continent - yes. One word - yes. A continent of far-reaching cohesion, certainly not.I wouldn't be talking about it if it wasn't an issue that made us think. The word cohesion behind Europe's shadow is much more the desire of each individual who does not look away but wants to change something about this situation. About 746 million inhabitants and each one an individual. Diversity and difference is not a topic to discuss. The answer is clear. Nevertheless, we are talking, so there are also individuals with different desires than cohesion. The meaning of Europe is something everyone makes up with themselves.

Author: Caine Deichmann.