Trikala 2022

Content overview

Day 1 (28.11.2022)

  • Meeting with Mr. Giotis, Human Resources Manager and member of the Chamber of Commerce of Trikala.
  • Visit to the University of Thessaly "Department of Physical Education and Sports Science. Professor Mr. Yiannis Koutedakis
  • Work in school: presentations of applications that the students have already prepared (about 10-15 minutes per country)
  • Workshop: students work in mixed groups to prepare a video role-play imitating a job interview (using the results of a digital glossary they have already created with phrases and words in English and in their native language that will help them in a job interview)

Day 2 (29.11.2022)

  • Visits to the local authorities
  • Visit to the Municipality of Trikala, meeting with the mayor of the city
  • Visit to GiSeMi HUB for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Visit to e-Trikala (innovative ideas and experiences with career guidance)
  • Afternoon: Workshop at school - preparation of the dictionary

Day 3 (30.11.2022)

  • Preparing the dictionary
  • School activity for students
  • Afternoon: School dictionary workshop - phrases and expressions for interviews

Day 4 (01.12.2022)

  • Meeting with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, discussion about the opportunities for young people in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • Visit to local businesses and industries

Day 5 (02.12.2022)

  • Presentation of the video role-playing games
  • Presentation of the dictionary