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Job shadowing in Tallinn

09.12.2023. We were guests at Viimsi Gümnaasium in Tallinn from December 4 to 8, 2023 and also visited Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasium for one day. Essentially, we exchanged ideas with colleagues, sat in on classes and compared education systems.
We noticed that both schools have excellent facilities, which means that open learning concepts can be implemented very well. This is certainly also due to the fact that the school in Viimsi was only rebuilt five years ago and Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasium was completely renovated four years ago.

We received a warm welcome and were treated to cultural highlights such as a guided tour of the city during the week. Ruth Rappold, the German teacher at Viimsu Gümnaasium, gave us excellent support with all our plans.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Erasmus coordinator Liisu Jallai, the students Hugo and Oliver from Viimsi Gümnaasium for their presentation on school and Alexander Voss, who gave us a valuable and informative insight into the Estonian state education system at Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasium.

As a result, we had many positive experiences, including the fact that we planned a 70-minute unit together for the German lessons of an E phase and a Q1 class and taught together as a foursome for the first time in our lives.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ruth Rappold once again for her support in this project and for the insight she has given us into the history of Viimsi. If the Estonians ever sing in snake language, we will also come to the rescue!
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Supplement: As part of the network meeting of language counsellors from lower and upper secondary schools, an exchange about the visit took place afterwards. A presentation was given on the autonomy of the school and aspects of language sensitivity in the Estonian education system.

Visit from Estonia

01.10.2022. From September 26 to 30, 2022, we had four Estonian colleagues from Viimsi-Gümnaasium visit us for a job shadowing. In addition to a professional exchange regarding the teaching content of certain subjects, we also worked diligently on common topics such as entrepreneurship education. Our Estonian friends also took over a geography lesson and gave Q1 students an understanding of the geography of Estonia. Our student representative Aylin Bicer was able to present the very valuable work of our SV. We are already looking forward to our return visit to Estonia! 🙂