Anti-Semitism event at EP Bremen

09.09.2022. Europa Punkt Bremen and the association "Medien Bildung Demokrati"e are holding a series of events entitled "European Remembrance Culture and Anti-Semitism - What we can learn from the past for the future! Malin Ehler, Christoph Gebauer and Aylin Bicer (Q2) sat on the panel together with Daniel Uschpol and Alexandra Nozik, who reported on Jewish life today.
First, the event was introduced by a welcome from the State Councilor Mr. Stührenberg, followed by a welcome from the moderator Nadja Zimmermann. Afterwards Daniel Uschpol and Alexandra Nozik reported about Jewish life today. Afterwards Dr. Juliane Wetzel gave information about the forms of anti-Semitism.
After this input there was an open discussion round between Daniel Uschpol, Alexandra Nozik and our three pupils: inside, they could bring questions and suggestions into the discussion.
Tanja Behrmann, head of the European Department Bremen, closed the event with some words about the topic.
Some of our courses followed the event online, very soon it will be available in retrospect on YouTube. Link: