“Democracy & You”

25.01.2024. Yesterday, pupils from four learning groups took part in the "#Democracy & You" project day (organised by EUROSOC#DIGITAL from Berlin).
With the help of engaging and activating methods, the first aim was to educate students about democracy and to strengthen their understanding of and trust in our political system. Afterwards, the participants developed their own fields of action and opportunities for participation and presented and discussed campaigns to the plenum. The representatives of the Bremerhaven City Council who were present also provided a very nice framework for this round of discussions.

We would like to thank the EUROSOC#DIGITAL team from Berlin - consisting of Mareike Meyer, Charlotte Klosterberg, Sina Oesterling and Janosch Ptassek - and the members of the Bremerhaven City Council Astrid Milch, Sönke Allers, Mirko Miholic and Claudius Kaminiarz for this all-round successful event as well as the two representatives of the Youth Parliament and our Head of Schools Michael Frost for their words of welcome.