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LOOP-Friends visit

10.03.2023. Since 2020, teachers and researchers from Portugal, Italy, Greece and Germany have been working together with great commitment in the Erasmus+ funded project LOOP - Scaffolding in Teachers Development: Mentoring and Mentors in Induction Programs (2020-1-PT01-KA201-078764) to investigate and strengthen the role of mentors in teacher education and training programs. The common goal of the seven project partners is to systematically improve the qualification of teachers across Europe in order to overcome the major challenges of our time: Too many school dropouts, lack of resources for inclusion, and socio-economic and educational inequalities. To this end, the project partners are developing digital training and professional development opportunities as well as a digital exchange platform that enables teachers to network and share across Europe. In addition, joint training events, project meetings and a large international final conference will provide an opportunity to share experiences, discuss innovative teaching and learning methods and define the role of good mentors.

In this context, the Schulzentrum Carl von Ossietzky - gymnasiale Oberstufe welcomed 16 guests in the week from March 06 to 10, 2023, who concluded in workshops, classroom visits, and presentations that the state of Bremen has an exemplary support and qualification program for teachers that contributes significantly to an appreciative and development-promoting school climate. In many discussions, it became clear that the digital offerings and the Europe-wide exchange with colleagues also represent an added value for teachers from Germany: Inspiration, motivation and the attitude of mentors as role models for lifelong learning and as team players are promoted.

Learn more about the LOOP project and the big final conference in Braga in July 2023 here (newsletter) - digital participation is possible.

LOOP partners on visit

04.02.2023. Our LOOP project is moving forward. At the beginning of March, our partners will visit us in Bremerhaven to, among other things, complete the pilot phase of the project on site and to advance the planning for the final conference in Braga/ Portugal in July.

Palermo I

05.10.2022. Dear people who are within social media, we ask you to like, share, follow the LOOP project. Next year will be a meeting with us!

Especially helpful would be an entry as mentor or teacher in the new platform when the time comes! 😉

Visit from Estonia

01.10.2022. From September 26 to 30, 2022, we had four Estonian colleagues from Viimsi-Gümnaasium visit us for a job shadowing. In addition to a professional exchange regarding the teaching content of certain subjects, we also worked diligently on common topics such as entrepreneurship education. Our Estonian friends also took over a geography lesson and gave Q1 students an understanding of the geography of Estonia. Our student representative Aylin Bicer was able to present the very valuable work of our SV. We are already looking forward to our return visit to Estonia! 🙂

Anti-Semitism event at EP Bremen

09.09.2022. Europa Punkt Bremen and the association "Medien Bildung Demokrati"e are holding a series of events entitled "European Remembrance Culture and Anti-Semitism - What we can learn from the past for the future! Malin Ehler, Christoph Gebauer and Aylin Bicer (Q2) sat on the panel together with Daniel Uschpol and Alexandra Nozik, who reported on Jewish life today.
First, the event was introduced by a welcome from the State Councilor Mr. Stührenberg, followed by a welcome from the moderator Nadja Zimmermann. Afterwards Daniel Uschpol and Alexandra Nozik reported about Jewish life today. Afterwards Dr. Juliane Wetzel gave information about the forms of anti-Semitism.
After this input there was an open discussion round between Daniel Uschpol, Alexandra Nozik and our three pupils: inside, they could bring questions and suggestions into the discussion.
Tanja Behrmann, head of the European Department Bremen, closed the event with some words about the topic.
Some of our courses followed the event online, very soon it will be available in retrospect on YouTube. Link:

Ferragudo, the second!

Period: September 15 - 22, 2022
Topic: Introduction to film production with smartphone and tablet as a teaching tool or for creating teaching materials

Advanced training content

  • Conception of fictional and documentary films with treatment and screenplay
  • Overview of current video platforms and content strategies for building a social media channel with a video focus
  • Camera technology and filmic image composition in theory and practice
  • Sound technology and interviewing
  • Editing and dubbing of explanatory films and documentaries
  • Independent production of a short documentary
  • Ideas for using film production in the classroom
  • Intercultural networking with participants from different nations
  • Intercultural exercises in teams

Short film about the training: "Film production [europeanseminars]".

Ferragudo, the first!

11.07.2022. Best regards from our team in Portugal for the Erasmus+ training "Digital Media in Intercultural Projects - Management & Networking.

Training content

  • Definition of project work in the framework of European exchanges with learners
  • Development of exchange projects with learners and school projects
  • Preparation and organization of exchange projects with learners
  • Consideration of different languages and cultures in project work
  • Digitality in Erasmus projects
  • Devices and apps in use
  • Project ideas with digital media
  • Dissemination of projects to the (school) public
  • Equipping intercultural projects with digital media
  • Making the seminar public at school: Digital and analog possibilities