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LOOP-Friends visit

10.03.2023. Since 2020, teachers and researchers from Portugal, Italy, Greece and Germany have been working together with great commitment in the Erasmus+ funded project LOOP - Scaffolding in Teachers Development: Mentoring and Mentors in Induction Programs (2020-1-PT01-KA201-078764) to investigate and strengthen the role of mentors in teacher education and training programs. The common goal of the seven project partners is to systematically improve the qualification of teachers across Europe in order to overcome the major challenges of our time: Too many school dropouts, lack of resources for inclusion, and socio-economic and educational inequalities. To this end, the project partners are developing digital training and professional development opportunities as well as a digital exchange platform that enables teachers to network and share across Europe. In addition, joint training events, project meetings and a large international final conference will provide an opportunity to share experiences, discuss innovative teaching and learning methods and define the role of good mentors.

In this context, the Schulzentrum Carl von Ossietzky - gymnasiale Oberstufe welcomed 16 guests in the week from March 06 to 10, 2023, who concluded in workshops, classroom visits, and presentations that the state of Bremen has an exemplary support and qualification program for teachers that contributes significantly to an appreciative and development-promoting school climate. In many discussions, it became clear that the digital offerings and the Europe-wide exchange with colleagues also represent an added value for teachers from Germany: Inspiration, motivation and the attitude of mentors as role models for lifelong learning and as team players are promoted.

Learn more about the LOOP project and the big final conference in Braga in July 2023 here (newsletter) - digital participation is possible.

LOOP platform for mentors

As part of the EU-funded LOOP project (project number: 2020-1-PT01-KA201-078764), a highly topical article on the topic of "Digital offerings in teacher traineeships and in mentor:in-service training" (see button after this article text) has been produced, in which the author Dr. Angela Hoffmann summarizes and discusses research findings on the value of digital offerings in teacher traineeships and in-service training for teachers against the backdrop of the increasing shortage of teachers.

It becomes clear that motivated teachers show a high level of interest in becoming involved in digital mentoring programs. However, many colleagues express concerns that their English language skills are not sufficient for valuable collaboration with teachers from other European countries.

In addition, we offer presentations or discussions that make the digital offerings developed in the project accessible to trainees and teachers (e.g., and provide space for joint reflection and evaluation. Please contact us if you are interested by mail to!