“Together against Racism”

We were guests in Krakow between 8 and 12 April 2024 and worked with pupils and teachers from our Polish partner school ZSEL No1 as part of a joint project week entitled "Together against Racism". We focussed on the forms, foundations, concepts and challenges of Racism and Anti-Semitism - with reference to the German-Polish past (including the "perpetrator people" and "victim people" under National Socialism). In addition, we have developed possible courses of action and ideas against Racism and Anti-Semitism.

Arrival and exploration of the immediate vicinity of the accommodation and city centre/old town

Welcome at the Polish partner school: including a tour of the school, getting to know the Polish pupils, small Polish and German course and getting to know Polish culture, presentation of the CvO GyO by our pupils Afternoon: What is Racism? - Types and challenges and thematic introduction

What is Racism and Anti-Semitism? - Basics and challenges with regard to German-Polish past (including "perpetrator people" and "victim people" under National Socialism) - Preparation for the full-day excursion on Wednesday
Afternoon: Guided tour of the Jewish quarter (Kazimierz) and the former ghetto

Full-day event at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Concentration Camp - arrival and departure by coach, guided tour of the main camp (Auschwitz I) and the Birkenau extermination camp (Auschwitz II)

"Together against Racism and Anti-Semitism" - Creating options for action and ideas against Racism and Anti-Semitism using flyers or similar products
Afternoon: Visit to the Plaszow concentration camp and the memorial site there

Project conclusion - Creating collages about the project week and reflection


Note: The entry is in Polish, but the automatically translated content should be generally understandable.